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Gyan Election Management

Victory  through Knowledge
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Campaign Design

We design specifically tailored victorious campaigns. Design of a campaign changes according to the Candidate and constituency. Generally an underlying theme that efficiently communicates the Candidate’s USP is identified. This theme is then built upon using various media. This in turn helps the voter in choosing the Candidate effectively

Campaign Implementation

We implement the entire campaign on a turn-key basis. Campaign implementation ranges from voter segmentation to booth bag distribution. Having a team of veterans and professionals, we are able to implement the diverse components of the campaign very productively.

Social Media Promotion

We promote every Candidate in a unique way through the social media, leading to a huge number of genuine followers. This is done through creation and communication of interesting stories about the Candidate which are in synchronisation with the public persona of the Candidate and the theme of that particular campaign

Personal Contact Solutions

We contact the voters personally to convince them to vote for our candidate by explaining the campaign key points, promises, work done, past record etc. These contact programs and messages are tailor-made according to the voter profile. Reinforcement, review and feedback of these contact programs are done through tele-calling.

Field Promotion

We bring the name, picture and message of the Candidate into the hearts of the voters through very entertaining and engaging field promotion. This includes sensory delights which enhance the reception of the communication about the Candidate

Field Surveys

We bring the true information from the field to the Candidate through our field surveys. We design and conduct these surveys according to the specific requirements of the Candidate

Content Creation

We create, collate and present content focussed on promoting the Candidate. This ranges from articles to poetry and printed to YouTube videos. The content may be political, biographical, anecdotal, analytical or social. Content is created according to the target voters. Whatever may be the nature or form of content, what is assured is its capacity to attract and go viral.

Tele Calling Solutions

We provide telephonic communication services for contacting the voters directly in order to deliver some message or get some feedback. Such calls are very effective and are recorded for future reference. Our tele-calling department has lots of experience, which makes the call receiving experience of the voter very pleasant. This in turn increases the popularity of the Candidate.

Voter Data Management

We collect, compile and use the voter data very effectively. Segmentation of voter data is done in various forms to ensure optimum utilization. Booth wise and Geo-tagged data is also prepared much before the voting day for best turnout of the supporters.

Recruitment and Training

We help the Candidate in recruitment and training of campaign staff. Effective training is also given to the senior, middle and local level political leaders. This includes the common talking points and counter narratives. These are updated on a daily basis for maximising the acceptance of the Candidate.

Website & Software Solutions

We develop highly effective website for political promotion of the Candidate. This is regularly updated. Other software solutions like dedicated mobile app are also developed as per the campaign requirements.

Candidate Promotion Service 

We promote the Candidate much before the elections in and around the constituency. This increases the chances of getting the ticket from the party and eventual victory. Such promotion is very specific and highly beneficial for the Candidate.


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Election Management Experts

Gyan Election Management designs and implements victorious election campaigns. We are an effective influencer of public opinion using both online and offline promotions. We bring the candidate closer to the voter, so that the voter can make an intelligent decision. We are the brother-in-arms of the candidate, who gets our highly professional support till the victory bugle. An experienced expert, we provide the complete solution for winning the elections starting from voter segmentation to booth bag distribution. We prepare and orient all the persons involved from the candidate to the polling agents for a decisive victory. Effectively using our quiver full of tools like catchy election slogans and attractive audio visuals, Gyan Election Management brings victory home with aplomb.

Senior Management

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Mr. Vishal Gahrana


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Mr. Naveen Sharma

Chief Mentor




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